Creating Opportunities for a Better Future

Henry Sy, Sr. believes that education is the best defense against poverty. We at SM Foundation provide college and technical-vocational scholarship grants as well as access to primary education through school buildings to help the youth achieve their dreams.

Henry Sy

“You are young with the future before you. Remember the young boy who arrived in Manila many years ago, a stranger with nothing to his name…

If I can do it, the young people of today can do it too.”

Henry Sy, Sr.

SM College Scholarship

Our experience with the scholarship program for over two decades strongly affirm our belief that when one family member graduates from college, the scholar can help another sibling go to school and serve as the key to lift their family out of poverty. Through the SM College Scholarship, we help the youth reach their full potential and achieve their dreams.

Congratulations to the new SM scholars for school year 2018-2019

Paulino,  Joshua P.

Reamico, Jonica M. Sanchez, Vanessa  D.
Payong,  Ed Monique L. Rebates,  Hazel Jhane  V. Santos, Carlyn P.
Pedarse, Lea Jane V. Recato,  Joana Marie B. Santos, Ericka Ann D.
Pelayo, Trini Jane M. Recto, Princess Joy  T. Sapa, Rhia  F.
Peña,  Jepril John Carlo Regoso,  Mark Angelo  C. Sarmiento, Ma. Angelica  S.
Peñaflor, Kyla Kane  B. Reyes, Angelo   R. Saul, James Khyle  E.
Pepito, Nj Franchette M. Reyes, Joseph  B. Seguira , Krizel Jean  P.
Perona,  Jamille M. Ricablanca, Hannah J. Serrano , Stephen Moses  B.
Persia, Krizza Mae D. Ricafort, Anna Joy  H. Sestoso,  De Leonor Marie Q.
Pikilan, Clave Carl Rioveros , Chenalyn  M. Siarot, Erica  G.
Pineda, Jessel  F. Rivera, Dennis Christian  M. Sibayan,   Angela  E.
Pineda, Micaella Louise Rivera, Marwin Dave  A. Sicat, Vanessa   C.
Pineda, Xena Mae  A. Robles, Xerxes Dean Joshua  M. Silva, Christine Joy  A.
Piñero, John Alfred  S. Rocamora, Eunace Simon, Maria Angelica   C.
Pinpinio, Arabella Marie H. Rodriguez, Ma. Cristina M. Sinahon,  Ginalyn  L.
Plaza, Audrey  O. Rozon, Nestor P. Sison, Pamela Rose  T.
Poncare, Regi Sablay, Beatrice Anne  P. Somera,  Aileen                M.
Pontilla, Jan Harvey  M. Sagarino, Sandra  I. Soriano, Mikaella  L.
Prado, Michelle Anne Grace  M. Salar, Marc Andrei  A. Sulayao, Rose Anne  N.
Punzalan, Angelica  D. Sales, Karl Ryan O. Sygaco, Maria Regina  D.
Racines, Jude Harris R. Salut, Mary Rose  R. Tabacug, John Paul  M.
Ramirez, Paolo Alman  S. Salvador , Christine  R. Taboga, Geraldine Alyssa  A.
Ramos, Jubilee Samoza,  Sheila C. Tabuena, Siege A.
Ramos, Keirvin Cloi  D. San Andres, Alexia Anne Taculod,  John Hendrix  Z.
Ramos, Yuan Gabriel  T. Sanchez, Bianca Marie  D. Tagalog,  Aldan John  A.


SM Technical-Vocational Scholarship

We broaden our reach by providing today’s youth the option of a quicker two-year technical-vocational course in areas with great demand in the market. Through our partner schools, we help out-of-school youth harness their skills to have better opportunities in life.

Be an SM Tech-Voc Scholar

Applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be a high school graduate

  • Must pass the requirements presented by partner Technical-Vocational Schools

Our Tech-Voc Scholar enjoys:

  • Choice of specialization in the areas of Food and Beverage, Automobile Mechanic, Fitter Machinist, Electro-Mechanical Technician, Refrigeration and Air-conditioning, Small Arc Welding and Electromechanics

  • Full tuition subsidy in any of its partner schools

  • On the job internship

  • Referral to industry partners after graduation

  • Other fun-filled activities

SM School Building Program

We help provide underprivileged children with better quality public education by donating school buildings and classrooms in partnership with the Department of Education (DepEd). DepEd identifies areas in need to help address the backlog of classrooms in accordance with national requirements. With the new and conducive environment for learning, children perform better in school and are more inspired to learn, while teachers also become more effective.

Our School Buildings are fully equipped with:

  • Student armchairs

  • Wall fans

  • Blackboards

  • Teachers’ Desk Sets

  • Toilets/Washrooms


SM Foundation, Inc.